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July 25, 2007


Selby Luis


What is the American Planning Association's position on Boomburgs? AIA? Smart Growth? Can no one stand up to the developers of these uninspired, nature-wrecking, soul-sapping places?



Good questions.

Since, they're so new, I think organizations are still trying to understand what constitutes a Boomburb and haven't yet passed judgment. It is telling that the APA is promoting the Boomburbs book on their website but has not yet promoted our book, How Green is Your City? (New Society Press), though they said they would consider doing so. also had a posting from the authors back in 2003, who as far as I can tell never raise any sustainability related issues when writing about boomburbs, though a look at the Planetizen comments shows that the issue is begging to be addressed:

Knut Cunningham

Suburbs are pretty depressing. The pictures sum it all up! Luckily, humans are adaptable to almost anything...

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Indeed suburbs are some how depressing, but it is just a way of life that one just have to deal with.

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