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April 30, 2007



I had a similar thought -- the multitude of transportation choices in this area make for a lot of flexibility for commuters. If a key chunk is taken out, there are backups.

Things are a little bit unique here -- in Indiana and Arlington there are alternate routes if a highway goes out, while there are only a handful of bridges that will get you across the Bay. Your comment about free gas is apropos, though, given proposals throughout the Midwest to eliminate state fuel taxes to provide relief from gasoline prices. These proposals won't do a thing for supply, of course, so prices will dip, demand will spike, and prices will shoot back up and the oil companies will pocket even more profits at the expense of the state.

Ken Ott

I think there will always be different modes. Unfortunately public transit in the US cannot compensate 100% for private vehicles yet. I'm sure that day could come if we ever run out of cheap enough oil.

But what about train meltdowns?

I think we're okay for bike meltdowns though. And it's nice to import clean air by using public transit. :)

Ken Ott

One more thing--who's goign to pay for the freeway renovation? The usual payer--taxpayers, with no penalty for the the gas transporters or oil industry.

BART was pretty packed today, which is great to see. It made me wonder how much gasoline and emissions we're collectively saving by taking the train instead of driving. And how much money is staying in the local economy as a side benefit. Not to be a natering nabob of negativity, but it made me wonder why everyone wasn't taking the train to begin with--it sucks driving into SF over the bridge! Is one's personal time/space-- status --that important? Riding the train is better anyway IMO. You can relax by reading/sleeping and not having to be bored/terrified by driving.

Yesterday during the fare-free day, there were so many people using transit it felt like I was overseas again! Not as bad as the Tokyo morning commute or Shanghai metro, but pretty serious.


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