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March 20, 2007


Linda Kelly

Thank you for featuring Fairfax on your blog!

Linda Kelly
Town Manager
Town of Fairfax, Ca


Shhh! Don't tell everyone! They'll all want to move here...

Joey Shepp

Also check out, high tech meets sustainability in downtown Fairfax!

Come check out our offices at 11 Bolinas, Suite B.

~Joey Shepp Principal

Stacie Wickham

and we have Sustainable Fairfax too!

Check out our website at


Yeah, right. Our quaint little town has about 60,000 cars go through it every damn day. Our largest business property (used to be Albertson's)has been lying vacant for over a year now. It's cheaper for me to drive to work than take the bus (which barely ever comes, btw.) We have drunk drivers tearing through the narrow residential streets every night while the on duty cops are usually found snacking and napping at home (I caught two cop cars exiting a 2-car home garage at 1:00 am the other night; they skulked away without even glancing up at me, let alone waving or nodding in my direction. Guilty behavior if I've ever seen it!) -- sometimes, they might go push around the teenagers that hang out at a parking lot because there's no other suitable public space for them. The roads are terrible, the few pedestrians that are out there are rude or drug-addled. Honestly, everyone drives everywhere. Going to the post office, maybe 3% are on foot. If that. I see maybe one pedestrian every time I walk to the grocery store, which is about 3/4 of a mile away. the mail comes late, and there are no street lights on some of the most dangerous corners in the neighborhood. Not to mention there not being a frickin' recycling center anywhere at all in our supposed green town. It's all a joke. These rich idiots have more in common with Orange County Republicans than with me.PATHETIC. Sorry excuses for hippies, I swear!


Anyways i like it.;..

Andrew  K

It's true. It's a great town, I am blessed to live somewhere so pretty. But god, these people think they are so green. They need a wake up call, it's time to step up to the plate and stop driving everywhere. It's funny what seth said about the cops and the parking lot. Most people take advantage of our towns great location and resource. I walk everywhere, catch me in town someday.

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It's cheaper for me to drive to work than take the bus (which barely ever comes, btw.

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Hey this is really great town... Now I'm planning to migrate here.... :-)
thanks for sharing it.

James, NY

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Environmental point of view and social friendly help - two of the most important things to have in a small city like Fairfax California.

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this is awesome, because this town is very united and that's awesome because in disasters like flood or something else, they support each other


It is indeed such a great town, my folks live there, I always love to go and visit them.

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