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February 16, 2007



Hi Warren,

You mentioned Boston and the Cambridge area in the post and I thought you might like to check out this article on a company in the the Cambridge area that recently built a "green building".


Warren - I was astonished that Sacramento was not on the list of top clean tech cities. We have TONS of clean energy business development going on here.

For example, the CleanStart entrepreneurial program, the PowerUp! business plan competition, the region's Clean Energy Action Team, a broad-based collaborative, is having real success in recruiting clean tech companies here. Most recent company locations are EcoStream's U.S. headquarters, SunTechnics rapidly expanding U.S. headquarters, Pacific Ethanol's headquarters, not to mention Schott Solar, Clean Energy Systems, Jadoo fuel cells, Altergy fuel cells, Blue Light Systems, etc., etc.

We also have a region-wide commitment by our council of local governments to advance clean tech throughout the region with supportive local policies and programs.

Sacramento Region is also home to the California Energy Efficiency Center, the Renewable Energy Institute, the Institute of Transportation Studies, the California Lighting Technology Center, a new $25 million Chevron funded biofuels center, the California Fuel Cell Partnership, and the California Wind Collaborative, to name a few.

We have local VCs and angel investor groups that are targeting investments in regional clean tech ventures. Don't forget the huge California Public Employee Retirement System "Green Wave" investment initiative, which is based in Sacramento.

Sacramento's proximity to California's policy makers and program/funding managers is also a big draw for businesses. The California Climate Change Initiative and the California Solar Initiative are drawing worldwide interest, and investment, to California. Just next week the first Green California Summit is expected to host 5,000 to 8,000 people from government and private industry to explore the state of the art in clean technology. This conference will be in Sacramento every year from here on out. Tony Perkins of Wired and Always-On Networks fame is hosting the Going Green summit for investors at the Mondavi Center in September. Numerous other clean tech conferences are being hosted here throughout 2007.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Clean energy technology is alive and well and growing by leaps and bounds in Sacramento. That's why we are calling it "Clean Tech Sacramento - Energy Solutions for the World".

Come check us out. Let me know if I can help plug you in to the robust clean tech network here in Sacramento Region.

Hopefully, the next list of top clean tech cities will not overlook the remarkable clean energy phenomenon going on around Sacramento.



Hi J.D.

Very helpful feedback. I'm interested to know Sacramento is a rising star in cleantech, rising so fast it was off our radar. Cleantech Venture Network only cited one company in Sacramento, Agoura Technologies, that received venture funding in cleantech sector during 2005, but we'll be watching for evidence of more funding there in 2006-2007.

Combined with other elements you cited, at the Green California Summit this week (in Sacto of course) I also learned about the forthcoming Renewable Energy Research Center in nearby Roseville, which will be a test-bed for start-ups and inventors in the Sacramento metro region. Sacto looks to be at least a strong runner-up. We'll be dialed in to all of this for our next cleantech incubator ranking.


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