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August 17, 2006




I happened to see an excellent documentary the other evening called "The End of Suburbia" which goes into detail about the constraints and strains on "the grid." When it gets hot, every little bit of energy saved counts! Attention to architectural features such as operable windows and overhangs make common sense. How about inviting the folks down at "Dwell" magazine over to the SustainLane offfices to initiate a dialogue with the trendy, increasingly green-oriented, design world....


We only have to watch the evening weather forecast to learn that our cities are usually warmer than the surrounding areas. I've wondered for years why all those hot asphalt covered roofs are not being outfitted with solar panels, which would tremendously reduce our overall electrical consumption!


Its really an excellent thought and wisdom to make cities cool and comfortable with due considerations to the ecology & environment.

Nathan Matlin

I think its going to be a slow process, but a process that needs actioning immediately. Ideas like more canopies, less asphalt, and solar panels are all things that are very achievable by local governments and authorities, however I don't believe there is nearly enough being done about it. Nice post Warren

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