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July 01, 2006


Joshua Hart

Yes 10% modeshare by bicycle by 2010 is an ambitious, yet achievable goal for San Francisco. And it is a critical step to reach the carbon reduction goals outlined in the City's Climate Action Plan.

Yet I question how Mayor Gavin Newsom intends to achieve this goal by vetoing legislation such as Healthy Saturdays in Golden Gate Park, and other measures to overcome car dependence and carve out safe spaces for non-motorized traffic.

Mayor Newsom certainly talks the green talk, and indeed he has been a champion of solar energy, but when it comes to any measure that would lead SF into recovery from oil addiction, the Mayor is about as green as a Hummer H2 with a green paint job.

Of course proposals such as Healthy Saturdays threaten the interests of the downtown power structure (i.e. the DeYoung Museum), and the dominance of automobiles on City streets, something the Mayor has not so far been willing to tackle.

Anyone remember when Newsom drove his SUV to Bike to Work Day?


I hear Josh's concerns. If nothing else, though, the verbalization of Newsom's intent might spur on more interest within individuals. I know I should ride more than I do, particularly in a town like Monterey, where hills are minimal and everything is within a few miles. In the cities it may be harder, scarier, whatever -- but I think even this public suggestion of a worthwhile goal might spur a little movement. It all starts within, anyway.


It does start within, that's a great point Ian. I could bike a lot more than I am at the moment. Time to buy another bike.

It's a good reaffirmation to see so many people bicycling through Oakland and SF these days.

Organizing a work bike trip on a weekday might be a good inspirational tool for bicycling... an annual Bicycle DURING Work Day!

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