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June 07, 2006


youness maftah

Youness Maftah.
the vice-president of Ibn Hayan Association for Culture & Development.
Ain Aicha. Ain Bouhajaj. P.O.B: 34255.Taounate. Morocco.
Gsm: +212 070 98 10 73. .

Dear friend.
I'm a 25 years old teacher of English at a high school. In addition to my thesis at the faculty of Fes-Saiss; department of English;the thesis is about "postcolonial studies" unit of research.
Since boyhood, I'm very addicted to work in non-profit associations for humanistic purposes.
Actually, with the help of some retired men; high studies students, primary school teachers....etc; we built an association for the same aims. Hoping to fill the gapes of our governmental responsibilities towards all the citizens. Unfortunatly; the errors our responsibles committed in the past entailed many structural, dangerous problems and impediments for a real sustainable development.
Therefore,you are welcome to join us for these universally known aims.I hope that you will help us by providing us with English books and magazines(though they may be dated or others than english, computers or a datashow, ) .
The past events between Islam and its rivals; which some of our unconscious,short-sighted religious Imams are still spreading though it's time for such old-fashioned histories to disappear; entail conflicts and unseen hostilities that we are striving to sweep away through cultural negociations, and constructive exchange of ideas and cooperation instead of daggers.So; I hope to receive your aids as soon as possible to fulfill our hope of a common library for the students from different academic levels.
We also hope to receive funds for creating some micro projects to help the disabled and poor people here.


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Vegas has its good things and the bad as every other city in the world. i like going there with my family. thats why we booked a ticket via easy clivk travel next week.we'll going to have good time

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Theres no way to survive Las Vegas these days.

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I love your blog, we really need to stop thinking bout the money and start thinking in the damage we are causing to the earth

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I know that they are trying to chance but they can't. they have to change all Las Vegas city and if they do that, they go out without tourist

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