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June 16, 2006


Drew Bohan

You mention "walk-to-work" rate. What factors make it more likely that people will walk to work in a given city. Temperature has to be one factor, but to what extent are incentives a factor?

Bottled water. Are any cities promoting the use of on-site water filters? Many cities and utilities offer free or inexpensive compact fluorescent light bulbs and other tools to reduce energy consumption, and low-flow devices to reduce water consumption. Is there any effort to reduce the need for bottled water, especially since most bottled water is just filtered tap water.


Drew: Good questions and comments. The best incentive to increase walking to work is first to have the infrastructure to make it safe: not only sidewalks (which developers are being made to put now in some forward-thinking cities like Fresno, CA), but also crosswalks, timed lights and traffic-calming design of streets and landscapes. Street trees help shade pavement and cool temperatures, besides making walking more asethetically pleasing. Easy access to public transit for pedestrians is also critical so people can hop on and ride if they get tired, cold, wet or have had enough.

I'm not aware of any city's efforts to reduce bottled water consumption through offering free or discounted filters, but that's a great idea, particularly in cities with poor tap water quality. Anyone else out there aware of any such measures?


Tragic that the 'fish kill' extended 2 mi. downstream- that's a lot of river life that's been affected, not to mention pets or wild creatures or basically everything on the periphery of the river. And "2 mi. downstream from the treatment plant?"


Just wanted to say I think City Hall is limestone, not marble.


I wish every American school child could have the opportunity to go to D.C. and to Philadelphia at some point in their school years. It is so inspiring to see where so much of our history took place!

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